India is the fastest growing major economy in the world. By 2020, India is expected to be the 5th largest economy in USD GDP terms. However, American investors have limited access to the Indian growth story - compared to 120+ Chinese and 25+ Brazilian companies, there are fewer than 15 Indian companies listed on U.S. exchanges. 

CNAC was the biggest India-focused Nasdaq IPO in history. We aim to provide international investors exposure to high-quality Indian companies through USD-denominated listed (and unlisted structured credit) securities subject to the highest quality of corporate governance, accounting standards and management quality.

Unlike private equity where invested capital must be returned to limited partners, CNAC is an evergreen capital platform. Therefore, it is ideally suited for companies with long-term growth prospects where exit pressure may result in sub-optimal returns. 

We are seeking a high-quality company that can serve as the platform for serial acquisitions and where our capital and expertise can enable their path to becoming a multi-billion company. CNAC has efficient access to global capital markets for both equity and debt to fuel organic and inorganic growth.